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Due to the fact that regulated materials, such as asbestos, has been used as an insulation material, Incinia has come to the realization that once we are retained to remove a specific material (such as pipe and boiler insulation, fire proofing, ceiling tile and decking, etc.) the abated, hazardous material must be replaced with a modern subsequent material that is not deemed hazardous and complies with standard building code requirements.

In the event that Incinia is retained to abate an insulation material, we intend to provide a quote for the replacement of the material in order to maintain thermal system quality, heating costs, as well as fire safety for the abated facility.  Upon request, Incinia shall readily provide a quote for re-insulation services.  Re-insulation is an integral but often overlooked part of any renovation / repair project and if not performed promptly will most likely inflate building maintenance costs.

Incinia’s drive and determination is to not only start an abatement project, but to restore fully the facility in which we were retained to operate in.  Our services therefore must include the restoration of systems and faculties that are required to operate a building in a safe and affordable fashion.

Emergency Response Services 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week:

Pursuant to the nature of our business, Incinia must remain a responsive enterprise. To proudly service our existing clientele and hopefully gain new customer’s, Incinia is always on call and always readily available for any kind of job big or small.

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