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Microbial Remediation

Microbial (mold & fungi) remediation is a relatively new and expanding industry.  Due to the fact that microbes are organically occurring and are basically a simple life form that has existed since life began the vast majority of microbes are not only harmless to the human race but some are even beneficial; they aid in our digestive process, they contribute to the manufacture of certain pharmaceuticals such as Penicillin.  Microbes also serve mankind in the processing of food goods such as the fermentation of breads (via yeast), cheeses, and even the fermentation of ethyl alcohol, a potential future fuel source.

However, certain microbes have proven to be detrimental when they are prevalent in the indoor environment.  Furthermore, the very young, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems are subject to the mal effects of microbial exposure.  Molds and fungi affect people differently and therefore the harmful effects are not readily known nor documented to the extent of other hazards, such as asbestos.

Incinia, striving to be an environmental industry leader, keeps abreast of the ever changing microbial remediation industry.  We strive to perform all of our contracted microbial remediation projects within all current industry recommendations and steadfastly await US EPA regulations and protocols.  The US EPA, as well as a handful of states has issued recommended guidelines and procedures which address the microbial remediation work procedures that have proven to work on prior projects.  Incinia always follows the most stringent, proven guidelines and protocols when performing a microbial remediation project and Incinia assures our clientele that all methods utilized shall be to current recommended procedures while we await regulatory instruction.

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