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Lead Based Paint Abatement

Lead is a specific elemental heavy metal that since civilization began has been used for a wide variety of personal and industrial products.  In the modern era, lead has been used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial coatings and predominantly as a paint additive for pigment and durability.  Lead based paint is a known hazard that exists in virtually every commercial and residential structure erected prior to 1978.  When intact, the lead based paint can be readily maintained; however during renovation, repair or painting activities lead based paint may easily pose a hazard to work crews and facility occupants alike.  Also, lead can lead to numerous health ailments if it is inhaled or ingested.  Lead poisoning in children, predominantly in urban settings, is an American pandemic that truly needs to be addressed.

Lead based paint, like asbestos, is highly regulated and the regulations evolve over time.  The disturbance of lead based paint is regulated by the US EPA as well as the US Housing and Urban Development office.  OSHA has strict standards in lead exposure as does all fifty states and the vast majority of cities nationwide.

Incinia is well prepared in addressing any issue that concerns the hazards of lead based paint.  As knowledgeable environmental contractors, Incinia shall readily respond to any lead based paint hazard that exists within a facility or residential structure.  Furthermore, Incinia is capable of identifying potential lead based paint hazards in a facility before the lead could pose a risk to occupants or renovation crew members.

Emergency Response Services 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week:

Pursuant to the nature of our business, Incinia must remain a responsive enterprise. To proudly service our existing clientele and hopefully gain new customer’s, Incinia is always on call and always readily available for any kind of job big or small.

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