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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been added to countless building products for over a millennium.  The numerous asbestos form minerals have demonstrated favorable characteristics in regards to fire, heat and chemical resiliency, water proofing, sound protection and extending life to products in which it was added.  Asbestos containing building materials are very durable and asbestos typically extends the functional expectancy of what products it is added to.

Also, due to the fact that asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and comes in many forms asbestos fibers may still be found in products that are sold in stores today.  Although not deliberately added to a material in today’s manufacturing process, asbestos is occasionally and unknowingly added in as a mineral contaminate since it is readily found adjacent to certain clays, stone, gypsum, and vermiculite.  These are products that are readily utilized but unfortunately not always properly screened.  Furthermore, the importation of manufactured building materials from foreign trade countries has accidentally contributed to asbestos containing materials being used in modern building projects.

The asbestos abatement industry is a readily evolving trade and is obviously regulated on Federal, State, and local levels.  Multiple jurisdictional agencies oversee the regulatory statutes that are strictly enforced on asbestos projects.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, along with the United States Department of Transportation have standardized regulations in the regards to dealing with asbestos.  However, individual States and Cities have also adopted their own regulations which supersede federal regulations and are much stricter, therefore one who intends to perform an asbestos abatement project must be well versed in regards to being updated in the applicable laws of the location of where the project is to take place.

Incinia prides itself in our ongoing effort to stay aware of any evolving industry changes and to maintain a working knowledge of the different state Department of Labor and Local ordinances that are applicable.  Our ongoing effort is to perform every asbestos abatement project that we are awarded with a combination of our extensive knowledge, resources, experience and expertise in a readily changing and highly regulated industry.  Although challenging, our commitment is steadfast.  Please rest assured that all of our endeavors are performed within timeframe, within budget, and most importantly, within full compliance of all applicable Federal, State and local ordinances.

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